torsdag den 26. juli 2012

Just feel like sharing some link to a couple of really awesome blogs that I have been spending a lot of time reading this summer:

Muddy colors

Temple of the seven golden camels


They are really worth digging into. Bon appetit
Some visual development for the comic

Here is my contribution for a collection of short comics being published soon. The theme is the Danish asylum politic and how much attention it has in the general public. The comic book is being distributed for free on cafés around Copenhagen this summer

This is some pages from my sketchbook from this summer. Together with my girlfriend, we visited Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Girona, Pamplona and San Sebastian. It was really inspiring to sketch my way through all these cities.


This is my latest animation project for DR2 (Danish Radio Channel 2) Its made in a collaboration with Mikkel Aabenhuus who did all the technical magic. I did the character design and animation in two weeks and it was fun/challenging to do everything so fast.
I fængsel from Mikkel Aabenhuus on Vimeo.
Poster made for Elof&Wamberg's releasekoncert