torsdag den 31. marts 2011

Captain Awesome; Making-of

Here is my Making-of video for our bachelor production; Captain Awesome. It describes the phases of the production I have been working on, Art- direction, Layout, Background Painting, Animating and poster materials for festivals.
As for now, the fox project is a bit on-hold. The project is intented to be a "between work" project and now that I'm working full time for Happy Flyfish, its been shelved for a while.

making-of from andreas husballe on Vimeo.

fredag den 11. marts 2011

Just got some scanning done. I have started to sketch on loose pieces of paper on a clipboard, because it makes me feel more free to just draw, but at the same time it's a big mess to find old drawings... but, I got my desk cleaned and found these

torsdag den 10. marts 2011

Here is an overview on some of my thought processes, when deciding on the look of the house.
At the same time as establishing the look of the house, I would also try to find the general look of the film.

First off, I found a bunch of references and found out what I liked in each of them. I found that the general theme in the references, is the way that the light binds the picture together. The light becomes a color that fill the image and blends all the color very nicely.

With the reference next to me, I started out painting the first color thumbs. After a while, I was satisfied with the result and started to paint a bigger and more detailed version. Soon I found out that I haven’t done enough research about the look of the surrounding village and the house itself.
I started to do some more thumb-nailing of the village and decided on a look.

The village, I found, is located in a forest at the foothill of a greater system of mountains. I made the terrain slop downwards to the right to show this. This would also make for a more interesting composition. Some trees has been cut down to make room for the village, but some remains and functions as the core element in the houses build around them.

Upon deciding that, I started making more color thumbs. I made a loose line-drawing, duplicated it out and started making different color schemes. I pulled in some more references to look at. After a while, I decided on a thumb and blew it up to ten times seize and started to paint in details.

Looking at the “final” result now, it looks a bit bleached out, but as a starting point, it works quite well I figure. If you have any comments for all these posts about the fox story, please feel free to write me a line

Next stop is more character design...
Our bachelor movie is now in the official selection 2011 for Annecy. Awesome!!!!

Now I have made the revisited version of the story. As my focus is still on the part I want to storyboard, I think that I'll keep the story at this stage.

The story revolves around a young girl fox, who is going out on a journey to help her father. The young fox lives together with her father and grandparents, in a home dug into a hill, in a small village. Her father is one of the kings trusted advisers, so every two week he flies off to the castle to consult the king.

On day he comes home with the terrible news, that the neighbors of the east has declared war on the kingdom and that he has to go back to support the king. The young fox is terrified what is going to happen to her father and decides to follow him secretly.

Leaving the village behind, she travels through the dense forest, from the village at the foothills of the mountains and into the lowlands of the valleys. In her mind she see herself fighting alongside her father and the king, turning the luck of the war.

She meets a old veteran who has withdrawn to the forest to spend his last days in peace. As she speaks with the old man, he tells the story about how the war is actual a creature who nurtures from hate, fear and anger. The young fox is doubting him, but he gives her a medallion that opens up her eyes and make her see things clear. Through the medallion she finds out that there is a boy on from the other country on the same mission and they connect through the astral planes of the medallion. The young fox hurry to the castle where she tries to convince the king of her knowledge. The creature of war, fights back through the king and the young fox tries to defend herself. The father intervene and safe the young girl by sacrificing himself. From the act of true love, the war creature vanishes and the father wakes from the poisonous stab.

The two kings meets at the front line and signs a peace treaty. The young fox meets the young boy from the other side and they are celebrated as heroes.

Ill leave a link for the main post for this project for those who wants to see the initial idea behind this project: Here

Along side with the story, I have made a couple of silhouettes of the young fox and her father. I have also been working on the design of the house and some of the surroundings to get a more clear feeling of the look and feel of it all.

fredag den 4. marts 2011

Hi everybody. For some time now, I have been having this scene in my head that I wanted to storyboard. I my effort to make this storyboard, I have found out that there is much more to this story and that it would interesting to explore it more in depth. So for making this storyboard, I have decided to go through the process of making a story, a visual style, character design, environment design, a specific script for the scene and then finally the storyboard.

Ill try to update with process development as often as possible and I'll try to describe the way I work and the thoughts I do. Hope it will be interesting reading and I'm looking forward for digging into this world.

Told short, its about a small fox who, to safe her father, goes on a big adventure...

tirsdag den 1. marts 2011

Here is a collection of poster for our short; Captain Awesome, that I made in the end of our production period.

And a single screen-grab, for teasing those who haven't seen the film yet...