torsdag den 29. december 2011

I just got struck by inspiration from a woman walking by in the train. I'm glad that I can quickly work something up, now that I got my iPad. Its super primitive to draw on it, but it's good for quick and simple drawings.

Location:Somewhere between vejle and Aarhus

onsdag den 28. december 2011

Just came home after my fifth Christmas with my lovely girlfriend and her family in Girona. We went for a short walk in the old city at some point and then I saw this super cool back ally. I spent an hour and a half painting this. I noticed after some time that the perspective is all crocked and broken, but its 01.20 in the evening and ill blame the beer. I think that ill have one more go with this picture another day and try to study the picture that I took, some more. So far it will do as a quick study.

tirsdag den 29. november 2011

Okay... This is my first real attempt to do a self-portrait in acrylic paint. My primary difficult with the process was to get the colors that I wanted and not making it all muddy, which it became. Next step is to go over a ton of mixing studies and do it again.

mandag den 28. november 2011

Todays look in the mirror. Work time ca. 1-1½ hour. Thanks to Anders Hald for kicking me in the lower back to use some new brushes in Photoshop

fredag den 25. november 2011

Band photos

I helped my brothers band with taking some pictures two days ago. The pictures are taken at a local high school in the area of Nørrebro. The band is called Undergang and they are definitely worth a listen!


torsdag den 24. november 2011

I went out yesterday night to take some photos of my brothers band; Undergang. After looking through the pictures, I made a quick sketch of the guitarist David. Wouldn't say its any good, but it will do for today. One quick sketch a day.

onsdag den 23. november 2011

A study in Brown

Currently im sitting in a super retro bar in Copenhagen sketching on my Ipad. Just noticed how monochrome the sketch is, but this place is all about brown, so I better stick to it :)

Location:A bar in Copenhagen

tirsdag den 22. november 2011

I had this evening off, so I tried to figure out the best way to spend it (in a creative way) These portraits took around an hour to do. I left it pretty rough, because I don't want to spend a lot of time rendering, but more focus on observing colours

torsdag den 17. november 2011

I finally had the time to put the festival logos together, from the festivals where our bachelor short has participated in

fredag den 11. november 2011

Just a last quick dumb thing from me, before I get too much to drink to see straight. Its a bunch of fun just to pick a random topic by going to wiki and then do a google image search afterwards.
A nice weekend to everybody

A painting on top of a drawing done on a bar, on not so sober Thursday

torsdag den 10. november 2011

Today I have officially handed in my last 2D scene for the feature, Marco Macaco. Four minutes of animation in four months. Im looking very much forward for next year, the 26 of july, when its being shown in the cinema.

I talked with Ercan today about how many bad paintings you should do, before starting to do anything good. We agreed on something between 500 and 10000. One down...

onsdag den 9. november 2011

Here is stage two on my bakery project. Its still a work in progress, but by now I have been trying out a lot of different technics in achieving the look. I have worked on top of the render in Photoshop to add on a lot of details like the cracks in the walls, the poster and the wallpaper texture. Some of the things would have been easier to do in Maya, but it was fun to try to add it on in Photoshop. Ill most likely shelf this project for a little while for now.

lørdag den 5. november 2011

Weekend drawing

Some random drawings from the last couple of days. Due to the fact that I don't have a scanner for the time being, I just use the build-in camera on my iPad to shoot my drawings. It's not near close to low quality, but it will do for now.
Have a nice weekend everybody


mandag den 31. oktober 2011

Some colorwork ontop af a sketch from this weekend

lørdag den 29. oktober 2011

Drawing at a bar

These pages where put into the world at a very nice/hyggelig bar in jægerborgsgade, drawing together with my good pal Mads. The bar looked like somebody took slices of old apartments and them put together and jazzed it up a bit. It's a nice treat to be inspired to draw from good company and cool surroundings.
A good Saturday to everybody

Early saturday morning sketching

Good morning all of you. This morning I got a 40 min paint done. Its the latest in a long run of paintings trying the crank out some color work. The composition and overall shaping is a bit tarded, but this fast approach, not doing any thinking before putting down colors, enables me to do this fast paintings. I find that I like this fast approach for the moment, because I would otherwise easily kill an attempt to paint in too much thinking.
The drawing is some days old, when I was sketching while watching tv.
Have a nice weekend

fredag den 28. oktober 2011

Today's 40 min color work. I got the idear on my way from Aarhus to Copenhagen in a bus, so the original thumb was sketched on my Ipad.

onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

Just a very quick tribute/rip of a painting from Ashley Wood. Painting time ca 30min

mandag den 17. oktober 2011

This weekend, my girlfriend and I, stayed for a night at a very charming Hotel in the south of Jutland. The place inspired me to crank out a bit of drawings for my ongoing fox project.

And just a bit of quick color work (very quick)

torsdag den 6. oktober 2011

I just came home from an interesting evening with science-slamming. The concept is, six people present their field of science in a short, easy understandable, way and then people vote for their favorite. I think it's a great concept, especially when it's combined with sketching and a cold beer.

The facebook page for the event (in Danish)

fredag den 23. september 2011

Long John Bike

Currently I'm working on building a Long John bike out of an old discarded bike and a lot of scrap metal. At it's present state, it's not much to look at, but with time, it should look like this.

This is a test render, so there is still tons of things I would add to this. Hopefully by next summer, I'll be up and about on this thing, taking it for a ride to Sweden with my lovely girlfriend.

The doré-of-the-day

mandag den 19. september 2011


Doodling while listening to the radio. I was just listening to a depressing program on the radio about our peak oil society and did some drawing meanwhile.

mandag den 22. august 2011

La Boulangerie

Hi. Since the trip to Annecy this summer, I have been working a bit on a small side-project (beside the fox-project) I was sketching a small, very nice french Boulangerie down in Annecy and when I came home, I started to build it in Maya. I have decided to shelf it a bit, due to too much work at the moment. I quickly rendered out a couple of shots, so that I could show some work in-progress.

There is a lot interior stuff missing, but the main lines for the place have been sketched up so that I know roughly how its going to look. The render is hastily put up, so the front window isn't showing transparency for some bizarre reason. The gods of maya have not seen mercy in my lack of knowledge :(

fredag den 29. juli 2011

Summer drawing camp

Hey everybody. This summer I have been helping out at Lundø summer drawing camp and it's been a blast as always. Thanks to all the people there for making it so good. I brought my newly bought iPad so that I could get some color studies done besides drawing. These paintings are drawn in sketchbook express.

tirsdag den 19. juli 2011

I just came home to Denmark now after ten wonderfull days in London and Catalonia. On my three hours flight back home to Copenhagen, I listened to Pod-casts about Adobe Lightroom, so the moment I got home, I decided to develop some pictures I have take some time ago. Its a day out with my girlfriend at the art museum; Lousiana, a trip to the building "8 tallet" at Amager and a quick stop by the Zoo. Its my first stab at LightRoom, so many of the pictures might be a bit over-develope in my eagerness to try new things off.

I noticed that some of the pictures is not responding when selected. I think its because I'm working with my blog in Internet explorer right now and it seems to be a bit buggy. Ill uploade the pictures again when im on my on comfortable machine with FireFox/Chrome